A creative-arts academy for children and teens. We have weekly classes, art enrichment, art camps, birthday parties, and portfolio prep. Students learn techniques used by classical artists which include how to use pastels, watercolors, oils, markers, pencils, pen, etc. Subjects include portraits, still-life, landscapes, animation, etc. We have hundreds of long term students guided by local and international artists. During the past few years, our students have won prizes statewide and nationwide, and all of them had an outstanding contribution to art events and yearbooks in their schools.

AL Studio淘淘画室有Kirkland 总部和Bellevue分部,是给4-16岁孩子的创意专业画室。有课后美术班,生日派对,美术夏冬令营,大学申请备案,以及入驻校园兴趣课。近十年来学生获奖包括美国国家“映像”艺术州立奖,Kirkland当地艺术节第一名,台同会少年组包揽前三名等等。1:5老师学生比例,老师们来自中国和美国本土艺术大学。以美国艺术教学大纲为主线,增强中国学院派技法。学习色粉/素描/水彩/油画等。课题包含儿童画/肖像/风景/静物/手工/动漫卡通等。

Pre-K 1hr Art Classes

• Start from circles, triangles, and insteresting samples
• Use pencil,earaser, marker, oil pastels, watercolor
• 1:4 to 1:5 teacher student ratio
• learning all color names and basic color mixing
• One on one personilized instruction
• Encourage to add their own imagination

Children's 1.5hr Art Classes

• Learn tonal values, contrast, perspective
• Use pastel,watercolor,pencil,colored pencil, pen.
• 1:5 instructor students ratio
• Animals,cartoons, landscade, stilllife
• One on one personlized instruction
• Encourage to add their own imagination

Teens 2hr Art Classes

• Learn proportions, artistic anatomy of the face, gestures
• Advanced watercolors, Acrylic and oils painting
• 1:5 intructor students ration
• 3D stilllife from monochrome to color
• Exposed to famous masters and their techniques
• Create their own works of art

Adults 2.5 hr Art Classes

• Beginner and Intermediate are all welcome
• Learn pastels,watercolors,pencil,acrylic and oils painting
• Landscape,animals, portrait, stilllife, etc
• 1:6 instructor student ratio
• Family & holiday art project

2016 National PTA “Reflection” visual art
1st place
Everett School District
What is your story?
Analecia, Age 15

2015 winner of Eastside Baby Corner’s
Pants Party Poster Contest

Helping local children in need.
Rithika, Age 8

2014 National PTA “Reflection” state entry
The world will be better place “If every girl gets an education”
Chelsea, Age 14


2014 National PTA “Reflection” Visual Art state entry
The world will be better place
Eric, Age 10


2013 National PTA “Reflection” Visual Art state entry
My dream is become a nurse to help others
Vanesha, Age 7

2012 Kirkland Summer Art Festival
the 1st place winner
Cathy, Age 9