AL Stuido is a creative-arts academy for children age 4+, teens and adults. We have 2 locations in Kirkland north of downtown, and Bellevue Factoria mall area. We offer weekly classes, Parents &Me, art camps, birthday parties, etc. Students learn techniques used by classical artists which include how to use pastels, watercolors, oils, pencils, etc. We have hundreds of long term weekly class students, some of them studied with us for years,  have won prizes statewide and nationwide. Our instructors are from Seattle local,west states and China, all have an art major degree and art education experience.

AL Studio淘淘画室有Kirkland 和Bellevue分部,是给4岁以上孩子至成人的专业画室。有每周美术班,亲子画课,生日派对,美术夏冬令营等。以美国艺术教学大纲为主,学习色粉/素描/水彩/油画等。近十年来学生获奖包括美国国家“映像”艺术州立奖,Kirkland当地艺术节第一名,台同会少年组包揽前三名等。1:5师生比例,老师们来自中国和美国本土艺术大学

Crystal Hering /Art Instructor
 Crystal earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Central Washington University after putting in many studio hours on drawings, oil paintings and sculptures. Crystal minored in museum studies, after finding this interest from working at the Sarah Spurgeon art gallery and  two of museums. In spare time she works on artworks inspired by nature, with a surreal and whimsical influence. Crystal worked with children and teaching art for years in her native home of Portland Oregon

Crystal’s Artwork

Mia Dutton / Art Instructor

Mia is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, having earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. She has worked with a variety of media and a variety of styles, most commonly watercolor, graphite, and pen and ink. Her personal specialties are character design (the human figure), narrative illustration, and comics. Mia loves helping kids find new ways to learn and think about art!

Mia’s Artwork

George Ngo Tang /Art Instructor
Raised in San Jose, California, George worked with a variety of mixed media from metal, ceramics, graphite, and various type of paints.  His interest is in calligraphy, abstract and modern art style components. George received his B.A of Visual Art Design from the Evergreen State College. Having the ability to guide the students to express themselves through aspects of design and art knowing that the students are utilizing their creativity and willingness to discover new ways of creating art.

George’s Artwork

Liam Savage/ Art Instructor
Liam Savage has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and went to school for game design. He is a long time illustrator, with a background in traditional illustration, traditional painting, and digital art. His work’s themes often include Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Pokémon. His art’s style leans towards realism along with slight stylization reflective of western comic book art. Peers have described him as kind, easy to work with, and possessing a good sense of humor!

Liam’s Artwork

Sina Vafa /Art Instructor
Sina studied at Art Institute of Seattle, getting his Bachelors in Animation focuses on creature design for films and games. He likes Drawing, sculpting and painting from life and imagination for visual storytelling,  has experience in both traditional and digital mediums. Sina  was a teachers assistant for drawing classes at Bellevue college, and tutored digital sculpting, visual effects and drawing at the Art Institute . He lives at local area for decade and loves helping others in their journey, traveling and creating art.

Sina’s Artwork

Venalie Scheck / Admin & Art Instructor
Venalie received her Bachelors in Visual Communications and a minor in 2D Art from Seattle Pacfific University, where she studied graphic design with an emphasis in illustration. She specializes and has a background in traditional drawing, painting, colored pencil, pen and ink, and many other traditonal mediums, but she also likes collaborating both design and fine art to create impactful experiences. Venalie likes administration tasks, loves creating pieces from what she feels and hopes to help other kids discover their own creative way in expressing themselves.

Venalie’s Artwork

Tiffany Tao / Manager & Art Instructor
A major in Fine Arts from the acclaimed China Art University, she taught art in middle schools, universities as well as her family-owned private fine art school that housed 300-500 students. She was an interior designer manager in several architectural firms for over a decade, with offices in England, Singapore, Germany and Australia. Tiffany started AL Studio in 2011, which now has locations in Kirkland and Bellevue. Tiffany is a big fan of “Go Veg, be Green, for World Peace.” She lives with her  family in Kirkland.

Tiffany’s Artwork

Bernard Rosenberg / Adults Art Program Instructor
Bernard is an artist / art businessperson / art instructor who graduated from Central Michigan University in the early seventies. He spent 37 years in art education in public schools teaching fine art to all age levels until his retirement in 2008. During that period in addition to teaching, Bernard ran the gamut of art experiences all the way from being a side walk artist, a gallery artist, a commissioned artist, and to being CEO of his own fine art gift manufacturing business. Extremely product orientated, Bernard excels at formulating your talents from concept into being. Rosenberg brings over 50 years of fine art applications to AL Studio in mutual sharing and personal discovery.

Bernard’s Artwork

Vince Kodikal /Co-Founder & Adults Art Program Instructor
Vince is a business strategist working  in healthcare field . He graduated from the esteemed Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai, India. His first illustrated book – The Panchatantra, was published in 6 countries around Europe and he donated the proceeds to a kid’s charity. He was also an art guest speaker in univercity,  museum and marketing UX for Boeing in the past of twenty years  in Seattle.  He hosts weekend workshops at AL Studio for Adults, specializes in illustration, acrylics and water colors.