Teresa Liou/ Art Instructor
Teresa received her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington where she studied art with an emphasis in 2D art/design, wheel throwing, book making and wearable art. She is creative with strong sense of colors and textures in the field of art and design and specializes in mediums like watercolor, acrylic paint, chalk and ceramics. Her interest is in illustration and print making that lean towards abstract, whimsical and composite mixed media art style. She loves mapping out emotion and expressing her vision by creating art.

Teresa’s Artwork

Kayla Golub/Art Instructor
Kayla is a multi-media artist that works, primarily, with acrylic, pen, and ink, to create abstract drawings and paintings. Her appreciation for art and culture are driven by experiences growing up overseas and traveling around the world, at a young. In college, she studied anthropology, history, and teacher education before discovering her intentions as an artist. Kayla graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in drawing and printmaking. 

Kayla’s Artwork

George Ngo Tang /Art Instructor
Raised in San Jose, California, George worked with a variety of mixed media from metal, ceramics, graphite, and various type of paints.  His interest is in calligraphy, abstract and modern art style components. George received his B.A of Visual Art Design from the Evergreen State College where he studied design with an emphasis in sculpting, 2-design, branding, and community work. Having the ability to guide the students to express themselves through aspects of design and art knowing that the students are utilizing their creativity and willingness to discover new ways of creating art.

George’s Artwork

Liam Savage/ Art Instructor
Liam Savage has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and went to school for game design. He is a long time illustrator, with a background in traditional illustration, traditional painting, and digital art. His work’s themes often include Superheroes, Dinosaurs, and Pokémon. His art’s style leans towards realism along with slight stylization reflective of western comic book art. Peers have described him as kind, easy to work with, and possessing a good sense of humor!

Liam’s Artwork

Noël Lefebvre /Art Instructor
Noël Lefebvre is an art educator  from Providence, RI. She began her work in art education for New York University’s summer teen programs where she supported young artists develop their portfolios for college. Noël went on to study and work at the Rhode Island School of Design in various capacities, including as a museum educator and post graduate fellow. She holds a BFA in Studio Art from New York University and an MA in Art and Design Education from the Rhode Island School of Design. Noël enjoys exploring the natural world through artistic media like painting, sculpture, and textile arts.

Noël’s Artwork

Emilia Bajkowska / Administrator  & Art Instructor
Emilia majored in Environmental Sciences but her interest in numbers and attention to details led her to pursue administrative carrier. She worked as both marine educator and accounting administrative assistant for years. Emilia was born in Warsaw, Poland and lived in 4 other countries ever since. She enjoys working with and teaching children of all ages as she finds it truly inspiring. Shaping young minds was always her passion. Emilia is an aspiring photographer, nature photography and portraits are her favorite. She is an outdoor enthusiast and in her free time she enjoys hiking with her family and exploring local coffee shops.

Emilia’s Artwork

Tao Tao/ Manager & Art Instructor
A major in Fine Arts from the acclaimed China Art University, she taught art in middle schools, universities as well as her family-owned private fine art school that housed 300-500 students. Later she became an interior designer in several architectural firms for over a decade, with offices in England, Singapore, Germany and Australia. Tao started AL Studio in 2011, which now has locations in Kirkland and Bellevue. Tao is a big fan of “Go Veg, be Green, for World Peace.” She lives with her  family in Kirkland.

Tao’s Artwork