Camp General Guidelines

  • Plan ahead for your child (and yourself:)  to save 5%-10% with Early Bird, Siblings & Mutiple Weeks Discout Now !
  • Mid-winter, Spring art camp have 1 day or sevral days option, and lower rate than Summer camp, it’s more suitable to check out if  your child(ren) enjoy learning art and feel fun at our art camp. We do not offer free trial for camper but a scheduled tour is welcome
  • Instructor-Camper ratio is 1:6 – 1:8. Siblings are welcome at the same camp, we give different art project to mutiple ages group
  • Art and craft supplies, traffic vest are included; Refrigerator, drinking water, restrooms and a microwave on site. Lunch & snack are not included
  • Everyday we have different project, explore pastels, watercolor, canvas painting, crafts, etc. Daily outdoor activities when weather permit
  • New camper registration fee $20, waived for return camper or weekly class students (sorry not apply to art party, drop-in, workshop students)

For more information:   Art Camp Guidelines& Safety Rules     家长指南和安全总则      

2019  Mid-Winter Art Camp  

  • Belleuve Factoria Studio  Mon-Fri 2/18-2/22
  • Kirkland studio  Fri 2/15, Tue-Fri 2/19-2/22, No camp Mon 2/18
  • Capacity is 12 with 2 instructors. Mixed age 5 to 12
  • Afternoon only, 3.5-hr camp 12:30-4pm or 6-hr camp 12:30-6:30pm
  • Join us after lunch, bring 1 or 2 snacks & outdoor clothing
  • Your choice of  1 day at $75 to 5 days at $370 camp fee. Rates may vary by studio locations
  • Tue 2/5/2019 is 5% off Early Bird Discount deadline

2019  Spring Art Camp  

  • Kirkland & Bellevue studio Mon-Fri 4/8-4/12
  • Capacity is 12 with 2 instructors. Mixed age 5 to 12
  • Half day 9am-12:30pm or Full day 9am-4pm. Extended care to 4:30pm
  • Half-day camper please bring 1 snack; Full-day camper bring lunch & 2 snacks
  • Your choice of 2 days $135 to 5 days $430 camp fee. Rates may vary by studio locations
  • Tue 3/5/2019 is 5% off Early Bird Discount deadline

2019  Summer Art Camp Schedule

Kirkland Age 5-7  wk3(7/8-7/12),wk4(7/15-7/19), wk7(8/5-8/9), wk9(8/19-8/23)
Kirkland Age 7-14  wk1(6/24-6/28), wk5(7/22-7/26), wk6(7/29-8/2), wk8(8/12-8/16)
Bellevue Age 5-7  wk3* (7/8-7/12),  wk4(7/15-7/19),  wk7*(8/5-8/9), wk10 (8/26-8/30)
* Afternoon with Seattle Shaolin Gungfu Academy, transportation  included
Bellevue Age 7-14 wk2(7/1-7/5, No 7/4 , prorated camp fee),wk5(7/22-7/26), wk6(7/29-8/2), wk8(8/12-8/16)

  • Elder children may  join young group camp, young children CAN NOT  join elder group camp. When siblings sign up the same camp, recommand to choose camp time according the youngest age

2019 Summer Camp Rates & Discount

  • Full day camp (9am-4pm at $450) register now! Extended care till 4:30pm at flat fee $30; Early Bird 5% Discount before Friday, 4/5/2019
  • Half day camp (9am-12:30pm at $320) registration starts on Saturday, April 6th
  • 5% off for both siblings, or the same camper sign up 2+ week; or current weekly class student, plus applied 5% Early Bird Discount !
  • Every week we are doing different art work with the same art theme, many children signed up for multiple weeks !
  • Capacity is 20 for ages 5-7, 25 for ages 8-14, Instructor camper ratio 1:6-1:8
  • The earliest drop off time is 8:40 am; Half-day camper please bring 1 snack, Full-day camper please bring lunch & 2 snacks

Daily Schedule

Session 1
9:00am – 10:15am
Seasonal Crafts
10:15am – 10:45am
Break & Snacks
10:45am – 12:15pm
Art Painting/ Drawing
Pick up ready
*We do watch half of kids movie for 2 noon entertainment at the studio

Session 2
12:30pm – 1:00pm
Summer 1:15pm – 2:50pm / Kirkland local park, Factoria mall indoor playground*
Winter & Spring 1:15 pm-2:00 pm/ Short walks outdoor & Indoor board game*

Session 3
2:00pm (winter&Spring)
or 3:00pm(summer)  – 4:30pm
Art project & break


Q:   My child is almost 5 year old, can she/he join the camp?
Prefer not. we have lots of art project and activities going on, we are concerned he/she  gets tired every day. If you think your child is mature enough,  there are two exceptions when we could have a 4.5-year-old join our camp: with an elder  friend, we then suggest  half day camp, or with a caring older sibling, if for full day camp.

Q:   My child has a broke bone and recovring, can he/she still come to camp?
If your child  has an injury, has a flu or is ill, please allow them to stay at home till they have recovered completely and contact us to arrange a different time.