Kirkland 2018 Summer Camp Schedule
For Age 5-12

wk2 (Full 6/25-6/29), wk4 (7/9-7/13), wk6 (7/23-7/27), wk7 (7/30-8/03)
wk8 (8/06-8/10), wk11 (8/27-8/31)
For Age 9-15 (may join age 5-12 groups as well )
Wk5 (7/16-7/20),Wk9 (8/13-8/17)

Bellevue 2018 Summer Camp Schedule
For Age 5-12

wk3 (7/02-7/06), wk4(7/9-7/13),  wk5 (7/16-7/20), wk7(7/30-8/03)
wk8(8/6-8/10), wk9 (8/13-8/17), wk10* (8/20-8/24)
For Age 9-15 (may join age 5-12 groups as well )
wk4 (7/9-7/13),  wk7* (7/30-8/3),  wk11 (8/27-8/31)
* Half day with Shaolin Gongfu  Academy

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2018  Art Camp Rates and Discount
– 3 hr (9am-12pm) – $280 ; 6hr (9am-3pm) – $390; 8 hr(9am -5pm)- $470;
Extended hour is 5-5:30pm, at $50 for 5 days.
– One time family registration fee of $25 ,waived for Return students.
– 10% DISCOUNT – Current Weekly class students, Friends of 3, Siblings, or the same camper sign up 2+ weeks

Camp General Guidelines
– The earliest drop off time is 8:40 am; Bring your own snack and lunch
– Capacity is 25 .Teacher student ratio is 1:6 – 1:9
– Art and craft supplies, traffic vest, sun screen spray  are included
– Siblings are welcome at the same camp
– Refrigerator,  drinking water, restrooms and a microwave on site.

For more information: Art Camp Guidelines & Safety Rules | 家长指南和安全总则

Kirkland Summer Camp
(Ages 5-12)
3hr,6hr,8hr options

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Kirkland Summer Camp
(Ages 9-15)
3hr,6hr,8hr options

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Bellevue Summer Camp
(Ages 5-12)
3hr,6hr,8hr options

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Bellevue Summer Camp
(Ages 9-15)
3hr,6hr,8hr options

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Daily Teaching Plan Sample

Winter, Mid-Winter, and Spring Camps are similar, with subject to change according to the season. *We will go to the park only on sunny days.

Session 1
9:00am – 10:15am
Art time (oil pastel, chalk pastel, watercolor, acrylic painting)
10:15am – 10:45am
Break & snacks 
10:45am – 11:45am
Craft time ( mask, foam art, scrtching art)
End of 3hr camp

Session 2
12:00pm – 12:45pm
Summer 1:10pm – 2:50pm / Winter & Spring 1:10 pm-2:00 pm 
Summer Kirkland:Play time at local park; Bellevue: indoor playground at Factoria Mall, walk back

End of 6hr camp

Session 3
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Art project, break and board game


Q:   My child is almost 5 year old, can she/he join the camp?
The main concern is your child might get tired since we do not have afternoon snap time as in pre-school,  we have lots of art project and activities going on, which designed for elder kids. If you think your child is mature enough,  there are two exceptions when we could have a 4-year-old join our camp: with a same age friend, we then suggest a camp not longer than 6 hours, or with an older sibling, if for an 8 hours camp.

Q:   What if we miss the Early Bird Date, can we still get the registration fee waived and 10% discount?
You can get the registration fee $25 waived if you are a returning student.  You can get a 10% discount if you sign up with 2 other friends or sign up two siblings together.

Q:  My son/daughter has been taking class from your studio for a while now, do I get any extra discount at camps?
Sure, a $25 registration fee waived, 10% discount on camp fee. If you sign up as an Early Bird you will get a 10% discount, at a total discount of 20% !

Cancellation & Downgrade Policy

  • You may cancel your registration until two weeks before the first day of all camp start.(i.e. 6/25, 12/18) There is a cancellation or down grade fee of $25 per child, and 10% from other 2 children’s tuition if you signed up with the Early Bird 3-children group discount.
    No Camp refunds will be given 2 weeks before first camp date (i.e. start at 6/25, 12/18), credit can be transferred to other programs such as weekly classes, birthday parties or workshops within 2 months, at $25 admin fee.
  • If a camp cancelled by AL Studio, due to less than three children signing up, we will refund you the entire amount and notify you at least 4 calendar days before your scheduled camp day.  For summer camps, we will notify you at least 20 calendar days before your scheduled camp day.