Art Camp

  • The registration fee for each camper is non-refundable.
    3 weeks before camp: 100% refund or credit, $30 cancellation/transfer Fee.
    2 weeks before camp: 80% refund or credit, $30 cancellation/transfer Fee.
    1 week before camp: 60% refund or 80% credit, $30 cancellation/transfer Fee.
    Less than 1 week before camp: 50% refund or 80% credit, $30 cancellation/transfer Fee.
    No Refunds after the FRIDAY before camp begins, may transfer ONE time of 50% credit, with $30 transfer fee (after that, $10 credit charged every rescheduling ).
  • If you cancel a camp signed up with  2 other friends or a sibling (which all of you got discount)  their part of the discount will be charged from your refund.
  • Any downgrade, i.e. 8hrs changes to 6hrs camp, or 6hrs to 3hrs camp,  will be charged $30 fee
  • Credit can be used for other AL Studio programs such as weekly classes, birthday parties or workshops within 4 months of your scheduled camp date.
  • If a camp canceled by the studio due to low registration, we will notify you at least 4 calendar days before, and refund the entire fee.

Weekly Classes /Portfolio Prep  

  • Missing class can be made up at either Bellevue or Kirkland studio location, 30 days before or after the missing date. Use online reschedule form is the most effective way, or call for the same day makeup.
  • Pause: There is no fee if you use our website online booking system or pay with cash; or $10 admin fee if pay by phone or in person after the pause,  which is waived if you pay in advance with tuition before taking a break.
  • If you are on autopay, please notify us by EMAIL before the 20th. Credit is 100% transferable within 3 months.
  • Cancellation: Registration fee  are non refundable
  • Before the class starts, 100% credit may transfer within 3 months, or 50% refund. Once the class starts, no refunds, may transfer prorated credit and use within 3 months.
  • Snow Day Make Up :  The 1st missed snow day makeup: extended to 2 months instead of 1 month policy. Cannot be prorated or refunded. The 2nd missed snow day makeup option 1: extend to 5 months to makeup (i.e. before 7/11, 7/12) . The 2nd missed snow day makeup Option 2: Receive a $35 snow day gift card valid until 6/15.  May be used towards a camp, party or drop-in purchase; Anyone can use. It may also be used towards a weekly class tuition for NEW customer only – this does not apply for current weekly class students

Birthday Party

  • There is a $60 non-refundable deposit on all birthday parties. If the size of your group is smaller than originally planned, we require 3 days of notice or you will be charged for the group size listed on your form.

Drop-In/Workshops/Gift Card

  • Drop in classes are paid for on the day of class and are not subject to refunds.
  • Workshops cancellations will be subject to a $5 cancellation fee, which will be subtracted from your original deposit. You may receive a refund by canceling your workshop two weeks before the workshop begins. or you can transfer credit to any of art program we offer, use it within 3 months.
  • A gift card can toward to any of art program we offer, then follow the program policy and expiration date listed on the card.