Give yourself or your loved one the ultimate gift….an artist’s impression of your most memorable moments, your family, your pet, your workmates, your war buddies. Just select the medium and frame size and we will ship it to you in our special packaging.

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Size1 person2 persons1 pet1 pet + 1 personHouse Portrait
9" x 12"$45N/A$45N/A$90 - $100
11" x 17"$85$150$75$150$150 - $180
18" x 24"$125$200$115$200$240 - $280
24" x 36"$200$280$190$280$300 - $350
Size1 person2 persons1 pet1 pet + 1 personHouse Portrait
9" x 12"$120$120
11" x 17"$200$390$200$390$390 - $450
18" x 24"$390$720$390$720$760 - $800
24" x 36"$820$1600$820$1600$1620 - $1670
Size1 person2 persons1 pet1 pet + 1 personHouse Portrait
9" x 12"$80$70
11" x 17"$140$270$130$270$270 - $300
18" x 24"$250$450$240$450$280 - $320
24" x 36"$450$530$440$530$550 - $600

Policy Regarding Copyrighted Works: 
Customers are both responsible and liable for the images they upload. One must have the appropriate permission or the copyright to order from us. The copyright owner of a photograph is typically the only person that can make a "derivative work", such as an oil painting or a print on canvas from that photograph.

Copyright is created at the moment the photograph is taken and lasts the life time of the photographer plus 70 years. Please note that if you have purchased a photo from a photographer this does not automatically give you the right to have it reproduced, unless this is clearly stated in your purchase contract of the photograph.

Failure to ensure that the copyright laws are kept may result in civil or criminal penalties.

If you would like to reproduce a photo that was not taken by yourself please contact the photographer to ensure you have the correct permissions to order from us. 

Prohibited Photos: 
Although AL Studio is unable to control all of the images that our customers upload to the website we can and will refuse to make a painting from any photo that might harm or offend individuals of other religions or races including photos in which animals are harmed or hunted. Again, customers are both responsible and liable for the images they upload.

We are committed to your privacy:
AL Studio will keep all the information that our customers provide about themselves, and will not share it with any third party (except to the extent needed to complete the order). AL Studio will only keep the customer's name, address and email. We do not keep your credit-card information. All payments are made on the PayPal gateway, which are both secured and famous for their antifraud systems.


Changes to Terms and Conditions:
AL Studio reserves the right to change, add or remove any portion of these terms and conditions of use, in whole or in part, at any time. Changes in the terms and conditions of use will be effective when posted. You agree to review these terms and conditions of use periodically to make yourself aware of any changes. Your continued use of this website after any changes to these terms and conditions of use are considered acceptance of those changes.