Party Package Pricing

  • Birthday child must be age 7+.   Children instructor ratio at 1:7-1:10
  • Basic package – Chalk pastels drawing on 12″ x 18″ paper (as show in the sample video)
  • Birthday child counts, flat fee for :  12 or less attendees at total $260; 13-16 attendees at total $320; 17-22 attendees at total $390; (Bellevue Factoria capacity only) 23-30 attendees at total $500
  • Upgrade package – Acrylic painting on 12×12″ or 11×14″ canvas. Most Popular !
  • Birthday child counts, flat fee for total of attendee:  12 or less $305; 13-16 attendees at total $380; 17-22 attendees at total $470; (Bellevue Factoria capacity only)23-30 attendees at total $620

Before Party

  • Please allowed us 3 business days to confirm with our instructors availability; allowed yourself 25 to 30 days to send out invitation
  • Book online to pay $100 deposit , the rest will be charged after party.
  • Studio Preparatory :  Art supplies with instructional lessons, all guests take their art piece home; Party decoration i.e. outdoor and indoor “Birthday Party” banner, balloons; Personalized welcome sign; Drinking water and plain picnic cups, candle lighter, table cloth, painting aprons;  Before party set up and after clean up
  • Family Preparatory: Catering: i.e. Birthday cake, pizza; Party plates, folks, napkins. Suggested  party host family  arrive 15 minutes before party starts.

During Party

  • This is a drop- off children party at total 2 hours, comprising of 50-70 min. artwork with 2 to 4 art party instructors, 30 minute catering time, while a 15 min. memorable art show for the grand finale.
  • We would appreciate giving children quiet, concentration time to finish their works of art. All parents are welcome to join the party at the end of 15 minutes during art show time.
  • If you have more than 4 parents  stay at party , the add-on fee is  $80


Q: What if lesser guests show up in the party? Can I pay a lower amount of the original flat fee?

Please confirm the final number of guests with us 2 or 3 days before the party. If our instructors that are already scheduled come in without your notice, the original flat fee shows in registration form will still be charged.

Q: How early can we arrive the studio to prepare on the party date? 

15 minutes earlier before the party’s scheduled time would be perfect. We usually finish most of decoration the day before the party, and our staff will be here half hour earlier on the parety day. All you need to do is to bring in cartering, cake, food from your car, which takes about 5 mintues. then waiting for the guests.

Q:   Is it possible all the parents can stay for my child’s party?

Please understand, in order to get  each guest bring home a great art piece, the young artists  need some quiet and concertration time. It is possible, but we add fees to your total for the extra effort of  instruction. When we get more than 4 parents in the room, they are excited to chat– understandable, but it gets too loud and the kids get distracted during art time.

Q:   What if our plan changed and we would like to cancell the party?

Private party deposit is $100. we understand sometimes plan changes, please cancel within 35 days before the party, so other people can use the limited session, and $50 will be refunded to you. If the cancellation is less than 35 days, sorry no refund.
If we are not able to host the party, a full refund will be issued within 3 business days after your deposit recived.
View our cancellation and refund policy.